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We are glad you’re here. Our personalized alternative school program is a safe and encouraging environment where students can get back on the road toward high school graduation. We believe in creating a nurturing and positive classroom experience that assists students in achieving their credit needs while also meeting state requirements. It is our hope that you will find your place here!

We will select students for White Mountain Institute and WMI Virtual based on the following six criteria from the Arizona Department of Education:

  • Students who have dropped out of school and are now returning.
  • Students in poor academic standing as demonstrated by being at least one year behind on grade-level performance or academic credits.
  • Students who are primary caregivers or are financially responsible for dependents and therefore may require a flexible school schedule.
  • Students who are adjudicated.
  • Students who are wards of the state and are in need of an alternative-school setting.
  • Students who have a documented history of disruptive behavior issues, with tiered interventions taking place at regular intervals.

White Mountain Institute

White Mountain Institute uses computer-assisted instruction through Edgenuity. Students will work with our counselors and WMI teacher to design an individualized program that will fulfill each student’s credit needs. Full-time WMI students may choose to enroll in either the A session from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m., or the B session from 11:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m.

Some students may simply need to recover a credit or two. There is a fee for credit recovery courses taken in WMI. 

We also offer a virtual experience for students who are not able to physically attend school at our campus. WMI Virtual Academy has different guidelines, but may be just the option a student needs to complete their high school coursework.

Enrollment Procedures

All students must first meet with one of our counselors to determine the best placement option. Each student will receive an individualized plan outlining credit requirements and a timeline that will assist in meeting their goals. Students will then fill out an enrollment form and sign the policy and procedures manual.

For additional information, contact your academic counselor or our WMI office at (928) 537-6200 ext.7831.